The Earth will not happen again, as well as cool purses. In There is no more! we create handmade individual pieces of environmentally friendly accessories. Additives that prove that good fashion does not have to be mass produced in a damp Asian hall, producing new waste, creating additional greenhouse gases and being a part in overproduction of things.

We believe that every day we can make the right decision, and their common strength is a drop that drills the rock. We also believe that the world of ideas, in which we do not make mistakes is simply impossible, so instead of demanding everything from ourselves we want to start from small things.

One of our little gestures is the use of second-hand clothes – their careful selection and creative recycling. Thanks to this we know that by working on what has already been created, we live a little bit better – that you can still deeply love beautiful things while living responsibly. We transform old forgotten skirts into unique handbags and share with You experience of this peaceful slow process. We are presenting life cycles of second category products and its new beginning.

There is no more (waste)! it’s all of us and our little important decisions.


And how did it all start?

It would be good to tell a dramatic story with an interesting twist of action, but the truth is that we are just two friends (with one cat) and we make beautiful, environmentally friendly accessories.

We met many years ago at work, where we worked together in production of social and artistic events in Katowice. Since that times when after work we were going to shop in second hands markets, we made long journeys with our passions to be able now to create There is no more! The brand is an area where we can use our tailoring, photographic and aesthetic experience together.
Also together we are looking for interesting old materials, inventing their new function and selecting the final colors of accessories that Kasia sews with the help of a Silesian tailor and which later are photographed by Anna.

No one is perfect – we also grew up on discount in fast fashion stores and we are constantly learning how to waste less vegetarian food and do not pack shopping in plastic bags. But we believe that from year to year new behaviors will become habits and every next one will be easier.
Zero waste is not about doing everything at once – it is important to start doing something.

There is no more! is our most beautiful thing.

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